Football New Brunswick has two different types of memberships:

(1)  Full Membership costs $20 for every player, coach, manager, etc. and entitles full members to all services offered by Football New Brunswick and Football Canada at members rates. Full Members are entitled to some sort of representation and vote in Football New Brunswick affairs as defined by its constitution. 

(2) Associate Membership costs $50 per team and entitles associate members to all services offered by Football New Brunswick at members rates except  its year round liability and accident insurance. Associate Members are not entitled to any Football Canada services. Associate Members are not entitled to any sort of representation and vote in Football New Brunswick affairs as defined by its constitution. Associate membership is available to teams that have a primary membership and insurance coverage provided by other organizations. Examples of teams eligible for associate membership are high schools and universities.

Football New Brunswick provides the following services:

(1)  Liability and Accident  Insurance:

             Members can purchase  year round liability and accident insurance coverage for players, coaches, managers and other volunteers. For more information on our insurance check out the Insurance Page.

(2)   National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP):

               Our Technical Director, Kevin Artichuk, is a qualified Level IV NCCP instructor. Football New Brunswick and Football Canada have paid for Kevin's training. Football New Brunswick members are entitled to receive instruction at any NCCP clinic at rates lower than those charged to non-members. Student manuals are also sold to NCCP clinic attendees at lower rates than charged to non-members. See our publications page for prices. The organization hosting a clinic is responsible for the room rental and the instructors' travel and lodging costs. For more information consult our Coaching Certification Page.

(3)   Coaching Clinics:

                Football New Brunswick organizes and hosts the Annual Maritime Coaching Clinic each year. Consult our Martime Coaching Clinic Page for details on this years clinic. 
                 As well Football New Brunswick annually subsidizes the cost of a limited number of coaches who attend the spring NCAA coaches clinic in Boston as well as the Nova Scotia Super Clinic.  

(4)     Officials Development:

                 The New Brunswick Football Officials Association (N.B.F.O.A.) is a full voting member of Football New Brunswick and has had its NBFOA Webpage developed and maintained on the Football New Brunswick website. Football New Brunswick annually subsidizes football official training and development.

(5)      Performance Enhancing Drug Seminars:

                 Our instructor, Brian Gaudet, is nationally certified to conduct seminars on performance enhancing drugs and supplements. Football New Brunswick will cover the presentation cost of any seminar for member groups. The organization hosting a clinic is responsible for the room rental and the instructors' travel and lodging costs. 

(6)      Publications:

                 A number of Football Canada publications and videos are available to members through Football New Brunswick. These items are sold to members at Football New Brunswick's cost of purchase from Football Canada. See the Publications page of the Football New Brunswick website for details.

(7)       Elite Football Program:

                 Football New Brunswick organizes and operates the provincial  "Elite" football program. Presently there is a 19 & Under provincial team that has existed for several years and competes annually against Nova Scotia for the Merritt Cup and  participates each year in the Football Canada Cup. The 16 & Under program began in 1999 and involved team from the three minor associations. It was changed to 15 and Under in 2003. The 13 & Under program began in 2003.  The 17 & Under program began in 2000 and competes annually in the Mullen Cup series against Nova Scotia.  
                 The Elite programs are required to cover all their costs from their own registrations, fundraising, gate receipts and government assistance. Members dues are not used to support these teams. These teams do, however,  require the assistance of the high schools, minor football and the universities in providing equipment and coaching staffs for these teams.

(8)         Football Canada Services:

                Football New Brunswick is a member of Football Canada and will pay dues in 2004 of $2.40 for every full and associate membership registered player, coach and volunteer. Football Canada creates, maintains and publishes all materials to support the National Coaching Certification Program and the Football Officials Training Program. As well Football Canada has produced a number of other publications that help make football a better and safer sport. A list of these can be found in the Publications section of this website.
                Football Canada has an annual budget of almost $700,000. Less than 15% of this budget is paid for by members dues and sale of its publications. For more information on Football Canada please consult the Football Canada Website.

(9)         Fundraising Assistance:

              Full Members of Football New Brunswick can make arrangements to issue income tax deductible  receipts for donations using the Football Canada charitable organization registration number. Annually football organizations across Canada usually raise in excess of $120,000 using the Football Canada number 116989732 RR0001. To use this service, full member organizations need to submit a proposal to Football New Brunswick detailing what the funds will be used for. Once a project has been approved donors make cheques payable to Football Canada for the amount of the donation. Football Canada will issue a cheque to the organization for the total of the donations minus a small administration fee for approving the project and issuing tax receipts to the various donors. 

(10)      Football New Brunswick Website:

           Football New Brunswick launched its own internet website on March 6, 2000 at to promote and aid the growth and development of football in this province. This website attempts to provide information about all levels and aspects of football as well as links to other relevant sites.    

(11)     Lifetime Service Awards:

            Football New Brunswick periodically recognizes the significant long term contributions to football made by various coaches, officials and builders of the sport. Recipients receive the Football New Brunswick ring at a dinner held in their honour. For more information consult the 
Lifetime Service Webpage .

(12)     Football Awards:

           Football New Brunswick annually provides the provincial PeeWee, Bantam and Senior champions with a championship banner and gold medals. The runner-ups receive silver medals. As well, Football New Brunswick pays the cost of officials for the PeeWee and Bantam championship games. Football New Brunswick donated the "Nick Desilets Memorial Trophy" to High School Football's 10 Man Division. Football New Brunswick awards $300 bursaries each year to two high school football players.       

(13)       Pass, Punt and Kick Contest:

           Since 1999, Football New Brunswick has run the Pass, Punt and Kick contest. Preliminary competitions were held by the three minor football associations with the provincial finals at Mount Allison University. Provincial champions advance to the Maritime finals if and when they are held. 
           For more information consult the Pass, Punt and Kick Webpage

(14)         High School Combines Camp:

                In association with All-Canadian Gridiron  Recruiters,  Football New Brunswick hosts the Annual New Brunswick High School Combines Camp where our athletes can be tested for speed, strength and agility. The results of these tests are made available to  a vast network of CIS and NCAA coaches. For more information consult our High School Combines Page .

(15)      Annual "Individual" Awards

              Beginning in 2000, Football New Brunswick created a series of awards recognizing its outstanding coaches and volunteers in six different categories. Award winners receive a Football New Brunswick plaque recognizing their achievement. For more information consult the 
Annual Individual Awards Webpage .

(16)     Team "Fair Play" Awards

            Since 2001, Football New Brunswick has awarded a "Fair Play" banner to one team in each of the PeeWee, Bantam and High School  divisions, recognizing their commitment to the principles of Fair Play. For more information consult the Fair Play Award Webpage .