Football  New   Brunswick

Presents the 13th Annual

Pass , Punt, & Kick Competition

Regional Competitions- Contact your local minor football association.

New Brunswick Finals- October 8, 2011- 10 A.M., at Mount Allison University Football Field, Sackville. All participants will be provided with lunch and admission to Mount A vs Acadia football game in the afternoon.

Rules and Regulations

Participants are to wear shorts and T-shirts or some other appropriate athletic wear. Football protective equipment is not required. The contest is open for girls and boys up to and including 15 years of age as at December 31 of this year. There will be three official age groups: (A) Ages 15 & Under, (B) Ages 13 & Under, (C) Ages 11 & Under (D) Girls Tackle Ages 14-17. Each contestant may enter into only one age group.

Measurement and Scoring  (Overall winner of 3 events)

(1) The score will be determined by the distance the ball travels forward in the air (not where it rolls), less the distance the ball lands to either side of a centre measure line. Each participant will be allowed three attempts in his or her event, depending on the number of competitors involved.

(2) In case of ties, tie breaking rounds consisting of one best attempt counts will be held. Best single measurement of the tie-breaking attempts will be declared the winner.

(3) A maximum of 10 yards will be allowed for a running approach. If a competitor steps over the starting line, that particular attempt will  not be counted.

(4) In all cases, the decision of the judges will be final.

(5) Ball sizes in competition will be: 15 & Under- Wilson TDS, 13 & Under- Wilson TDY, 11 & Under- Wilson TDJ
Girls Tackle- Wilson TDJ.

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