1 Degrading comments to opponents should be penalized as objectionable conduct.  
2 All hash marks should be 20 yards inside their respective sidelines.  
3 Goal post padding is optional at the discretion of the home team.  
4 Goal posts on the goal line are considered to be part of the end zone.  
5 The decision of the Referee shall be final as to the suitability of the ball.  
6 Teams may have game balls manufactured in team colors  
7 The Referee has the authority to refuse a ball change if he feels it's not necessary.  
8 The choice at the start of the game is always decided by a coin toss.  
9 To start the game the choosing captain has 3 options.  
10 The league may elect to alter the length of the half-time break.  
11 Overtime periods may be shortened to 5 minutes by mutual agreement.  
12 The choice after a touchdown may be changed provided the opponent has not been notified.  
13 After the choice of penalty or option has been made, the choice may not be changed.  
14 The Referee must honor a request for a measurement at all times.  
15 If a kick off goes out of bounds in flight without being touched, so time shall have been used on the clock.  
16 On a time count foul, in the last 3 minutes of the half,  the non-offending team has 3 options.  
17 Teams are allowed only one game stoppage for crowd noise.  
18 Team A is called for objectionable conduct on a touchdown on the last play of the half.  Team B can request the penalty to be applied on a kick off prior to half time.  
19 An offside pass is not a foul.  
20 There is no such term as "Disputed Possession".  
21 Simultaneous possession always goes to the team which last had possesion.  
22 A dribbled ball hitting the goal post is alive.  
23 A kicked ball hits an official, in flight and goes directly off the goal post.  It is a dead ball.   
24 Time out's allowed for medical attention and/or care of equipment, relating to bleeding, shall not exceed 2 minutes.   
25 Play does not, at any time stop automatically without the sounding of an official's whistle.  
26 A player kneeling with the ball in his possession is dead without exception.   
27 On an inadvertent whistle, repeating the play is always one of the options.  
28 The ball must be in a player's possession to be considered in the end zone.  
29 When a ball is carried out-of-bounds in the field of play, it shall belong to the team carrying it out without exception.  
30 When a player kicks the ball out of bounds in his own end zone, it will result in a score of 1 0r 2 points.  
31 A ball fumbled out of bounds always remains in possession of the team last touching it.  
32 If a team recovering an opponent's fumble in its own end zone commits a foul while attempting to advance the ball out of the end zone, no points are scored and the penalty is applied at the ten yard line.  
33 The referee is empowered to remove players he fells are wearing equipment which endangers opponents.  
34 Players wearing adhesive material, grease or any other slippery substance are subject to a ten yard penalty.  
35 Not wearing a mouth-guard and not having a mouth-guard are the same penalty.  
36 The coach is ultimately responsible for players being properly equipped.  
37 The term "player" refers specifically to a person who is on the playing field.  
38 The team bench area must be a minimum of 5 yards from the sideline.  
39 The governing league authority specifies the number of officials per game.  
40 The referee shall explain to the Captains of either team any ruling made or penalty assessed.  
41 When measuring, the front of the back line is where the clip is placed.  
42 The flag should be lowered when time elapses, except when a foul occurs.  
43 A ball carrier dives into the air, over the goal line, is hit and fumbles.  A touchdown has been scored.  
44 A field goal cannot be scored on a kickoff.  
45 If after being place kicked, the ball touches an A player down field, and continues in flight over the crossbar between the uprights, the field goal is good.  
46 If a player intercepts a forward pass in the field of play while moving toward his goal line, and in the judgement of the official,  his momentum carries him into the end-zone, possession is deemed to have been gained in the end-zone.  
47 A team scoring a safety touch may elect to scrimmage at their own 45 yard line.  
48 To score a rouge, the ball must be kicked into the end-zone.  
49 Any penalty on a convert may be applied during the subsequent kick-off.  
50 Illegal Interference on a Forward Pass by "B" on a convert gives "A" the option to repeat the down on the 2-1/2 yard line.   
51 The close line play area extends sideline to sideline, two yards to  either side of the line of scrimmage.  
52 Should a player of either team move in such a way as to draw an opponent offside, the opponent shall not be penalized.  
53 No player of either team shall encroach the neutral zone prior to the ball being snapped.  
54 Time count violations are always a loss of down in the last 3 minutes of the half of the game.  
55 00 and 100 are both illegal numbers.  
56 If team "A" only has 11 players on the field, they do not need an eligible receiver on both ends of the line.  
57 It is possible for A27 to play both eligible and ineligible positions without changing his number.  
58 Once in a 2, 3 or 4 point stance, team "A" lineman are frozen until the snap.   
59 Team "A" lineman may start their drive/action prior to the snap.  
60 Team "A must get "B's" permission to move the ball away from their own goal posts inside the 5 yard line.  
61 The arms may be legally fully extended in all blocking situations.  
62 The palms cannot be closed if they are facing the opponent.  
63 Blocking below the waist is legal  in all open field situations.  
64 Team "A" players may not legally hold hands in making a block.  
65 Team "B" players cannot be called for a tandem block.  
66 The ball must hit the ground first to be legally drop kicked.   
67 A kicker's positioning is the key factor in a quick kick (not the down).  
68 Kick offs on wet days may occur from outside the hash marks.  
69 On a kick-off going out-of-bounds in flight without being touched by a player, there is no option to re-kick.  
70 Until the ball is kicked, on a kick-off, "B" players on the restraining line must remain stationary.  
71 A blocked kick going out-of-bounds in the field of play always belongs to the last team touching it.  
72 On a punt, the centre point of the five yard radius is the ball.  
73 A short punt falling into a group of players shall be whistled dead without exception.  
74 A kicked ball striking the goal post in flight of a receiver shall remain in play.  
75 The kicker shall not be interfered with behind the neutral zone until the receiving team touches the ball without exception.  
76 If the kicker recovers his own kick, restrictions on blocking below the waist no longer apply.  
77 There are no restrictions on who can receive a hand off pass.  
78 There are no restrictions on the number of handoff passes on any one play.  
79 An offside pass can be recovered by any opponent without penalty.  
80 A ball thrown in an offside direction may not be legally recovered by the throwing team under any circumstances.  
81 A forward pass in flight is deemed to be in "A's" possession.  
82 Guard A43 pulls off the line of scrimmage, receives a hand off pass in the back field and throws a forward pass.  Is this a legal play?  
83 A52 lines up in the backfield and has not reported to the referee.  He is an eligible receiver.  
84 A forward pass glances off the umpire and is intercepted in flight by B7.  The pass is incomplete.  
85 On a pass play team "A" players may interfere with an opponent up to the limit of  the neutral zone without exception.  
86 Pass interference can be called even if the ball is not thrown.  
87 Normal restrictions near the goal line do not apply to pass interference penalties.  
88 In differentiating between a fumble and an incomplete pass, the direction the ball travels is the key factor.  
89 Blocking from the rear is illegal in all situations.  
90 Tripping is a foul, only if the action is intentional.  
91 Face mask fouls are any action where the hand contacts an opponents facemask.  
92 Piling on is not dependent on the play being whistled dead.  
93 Spearing is interpreted as any contacting of an opponent with the head or helmet.  
94 Failure to wear mandatory equipment is applied in addition to any other foul that occured.  
95 If objectionable conduct is called after a score, the score stands and the objectionable conduct is ignored.  
96 If team "A" commits a foul on their own 1, it is always loss of down, if accepted.  
97 When U.R. occurs after a change of possession, the application point is always Point Ball Held.  
98 Dual fouls, if accepted are always applied at the points of application of the first foul.  
99 If team "B" dribbles a loose ball, the continuity of downs is uninterrupted.  
100 If an inadvertent whistle is blown on a one point convert attempt while the ball is in the air, the whistle is ignored and the play stands.