1 The goal line is considered to be part of the field of play.  
2 Flexible corner markers are considered to be out of bounds.  
3 Can the upright on a wishbone goal post be behind the goal line.  
4 On non-regulation fields, tracks and/or curbs become boundary lines.  
5 Balls used in night games must have two white stripes.  
6 On wet days the ball must be changed every play  
7 All games shall be 60 minutes of actual playing time without exception.  
8 The tea, against which a touchdown has been scored shall receive the following kick off.  
9 The penalty for appearing late to start a game is 10 yards, no option.  
10 Governing football associations can establish overtime procedures.  
11 Such procedures must be orally communicated to both teams prior to the start of overtime.  
12 The team choosing first at the start of a game chooses first in overtime.  
13 Commenting by a bench occupant for the supposed benefit of the officials shall be penalized 10 yards no option.  
14 After the choice of penalty or option has been made, it may not be revoked.  
15 On a measurement, only the team A captain is permitted in the vicinity.  
16 On a time count in the last 3 minutes of the half, the non-offending team has 3 options.  
17 Any on-field official may recognize a  request for a time-out.  
18 A player must have the ball held firmly in his hands or arms to be considered to be in possession.  
19 A punted ball in flight is not in either team's possession.  
20 Team A is considered to be in possession prior to the kick off.  
21 A fumbled ball striking an official is in play.  
22 A timeout to address bleeding counts as one of the team's allotted time outs.  
23 Fouls on inadvertent whistles shall be disregarded.  
24  On an inadvertent whistle while the ball is in the air on a forward pass P.L.S. - D.R.  
25 On an inadvertent whistle on a 2-point conversion, the convert will be repeated at P.L.S.  
26 B recovers an A fumble in B's end zone - B 1D - 10 B10  
27 The penalty for not properly wearing a mouthguard is five yards each time it ocurs.  
28 The maximum length for shoe cleats is 3/4 inch.  
29 On  scrimmage plays, coaches, not officials are responsible for fielding the correct number of players.  
30 Only plays on the bench side of the field shall be penalized as sleeper plays  
31 During a player injury, only attendants of his team may enter the field.  
32 The Referee shall have the captains of both teams warned when 5 minutes remain in the half interval.  
33 A kick off hits an official standing in the end zone, in flight, and goes directly out of bounds.  Has a point been scored?  
34 If "B" advances a missed field goal out of the end zone legally, they are guaranteed the 20 yard line.  
35 Illegal interference on a forward pass on a convert which goes incomplete from the 5 is a half the distance penalty.  
36 No player shall encroach the neutral zone until the ball is snapped.  
37 When a violation under the scrimmage rule occurs before the ball is snapped, the distance penalty may be declined, but the down will be repeated without exception.  
38 The centre must put the ball into play by "snapping" it between his legs.   
39 It is possible for B players to be "legally" offside when the ball is put into play.  
40 All players, without exception, must be properly numbered for the positions they are playing.  
41 End players on the line of scrimmage may be in motion laterally when the ball is put into play.  
42 If the rule specifies that the next point of scrimmage is the P.L.S. the ball will be placed at that specific spot.  
43 On or inside its own 5 yard line, Team A may position the ball away from the goal posts only if team B agrees.  
44 The elbows must be outside the shoulders in legal blocking.  
45 Screening is interference without contact.  
46 On a kick play, all blocking is restricted to at or above the waist.  
47 A tandem buck occurs only when the player is pushed from behind.  
48 There is no such thing as a quick kick on third down.  
49 A kick occurring after recovery of an opponent's fumble is called an open field kick.  
50 On a kick off, the ball may not be elevated more than two inches.  
51 The neutral zone on a kick off is the area one yard in advance of the ball from sideline to sideline.  
52 A kick off going out of bounds in the end zone without being touched by a player may be re-kicked at B's option.  
53 A kick off striking the goal post in flight is B 1D 10 - B20  
54 On a kick of in flight fouls (except U.R./R.P.) are applied at the B10 if possession is gained in the end zone.  
55 On a scrimmage play, whether  or not the ball crosses the line of scrimmage determines whether or not the kick was blocked.  
56 Even if the kick is blocked, kicking rules apply to interference.  
57 Team A may legally throw a forward pass following a blocked kick.  
58 "Pyramiding" is not applicable to punt plays.  
59 If a short kick is whistled dead on the last play of the half, the receiving team are entitled to one more play.  
60 Scrimmage kicks from the end zone landing in the end zone are not whistled dead immediately.  
61 If an offside player is within the restraining zone, no onside player may recover the ball without exception.  
62 Unnecessary roughness against the kicker may be applied at PLS, PP or PBD.  
63 Interference with the kicker behind the neutral zone is "additive" and is applied at PP.  
64 Contacting the kicker is applied at PLS  
65 The kicker is not protected on a return kick.  
66 If the punted ball is loose in the end zone,  and a foul occurs in the end zone, no single point is applicable.  
67 The final resting position determines if a pass is lateral or onside.  
68 A ball thrown in any direction behind the of scrimmage is considered to be a hand-off pass.  
69 Any player who is offside may receive or recover an offside pass subject to penalty.  
70 A1 tips a forward pass to to offside A2 who catches it.  The point ball dead is the point of completion.  
71 An offside pass may be legally recovered by an opponent.  
72 A ball thrown in an offside direction from beyond the line of scrimmage  
73 A forward pass is illegal after a change of possession by either team.  
74 The penalty for a second forward pass on either play is a loss of down.  
75 A43 pulls off the line of scrimmage, retreats, takes a hand off from A7, and throws a forward pass is this legal?  
76 A47 cannot, under any circumstances, proceed downfield prior to a pass being thrown.  
77 A pass which strikes an ineligible receiver not illegally downfield, who makes no effort to catch it, is loss of down, if it goes incomplete.  
78 Deliberate grounding by team A from its own end zone is a safety touch, no option.  
79 Once the ball is in the air on a pass play, no contact whatsoever is illegal.  
80 On a pass behind the line of scrimmage, B2 is about to intercept it , and A12 blocks him, is this legal?  
81 Whether the ball is catchable or not has no bearing on illegal pass interfence.  
82 Normal restrictions near the goal line do not apply to illegal interference on a forward pass.  
83 Any fumbled ball recovered by B in the B end zone is ruled as an incomplete pass.  
84 If team B commits a foul in the end zone or the field of play while the ball is in the end zone following an interception by B in the end zone, the penalty shall be applied from the B10.  
85 Any ball fumbled or batted in an offside direction from behind the line of scrimmage shall be ruled as an incomplete pass.  
86 The position of the blocker's  head is not a factor in blocking from the rear.  
87 The word "intentional" is not a key in calling tripping.  
88 If any B player contacts the ball, all B players are exempt of a contacting the kicker foul.  
89 Butt blocking must be "deliberate" in order to be a foul.  
90 If a player commits himself before the ball is dead, he can still be called for spearing.  
91 There must be a time interval between the high block and the low block to call a delayed knee block foul.  
92 Objectionable conduct is always applied without the option of repeating the down (if no other foul occurs.)  
93 A player deliberately contacting an official may be banished from the game site at the referee's discretion.  
94 There are no loss of down penalties.  
95 All fouls occurring after a change of possession are always applied at point ball held.  
96 All loose ball fouls guarantee the non-offending team a first down at point of foul.  
97 If the first foul is UR in a dual foul situation, the non-offending team may choose to have the penalties adjusted at the appropriate point of application of the second foul  
98 If UR is part of a double foul, it is always applied second, if both fouls are accepted.  
99 When the ball is touched by an opponent, all players are onside.  
100 There are no restrictions on blocking on a kick off until the ball has been touched by a player on either side.