1 Hash Marks are 20 yards in from each sideline.  
2 It is the home team's responsibility to provide goal post padding.  
3 For night games, the football must have two white stripes around the short axis.  
4 It is recommended that the quarters at all levels be fifteen minutes in length.  
5 The choice at the start of the game is always decided by a coin toss.  
6 The league is responsible for dictating the length of the half time break.  
7 The Rule Book overtime procedure specifies a ten minute rest period prior to the start of overtime.  
8 If darkness is a factor, the referee has the authority to shorten the overtime period to five minutes.  
9 Captains of both teams are entitled to an explanation of any fouls called  
10 The Referee must acknowledge any request for a measurement.  
11 Time starts on the snap on following a time count infraction.  
12 Time starts on the snap on all plays immediately following a change of possession.   
13 An incomplete pass automatically stops the clock.  
14 The time stops automatically when Team A gains a first down.  
15 Any fouls on a convert  may be applied on the subsequent kick off.  
16 An offside pass is not a foul.  
17 If a player has the ball under his body, he is deemed to have possession.  
18 A forward pass caught simultaneously by players of opposite sides is ruled as incomplete.  
19 A kick off caught simultaneously by players of both sides always results in a re-kick without penalty.  
20 A forward pass in flight is said to be in A's possession.  
21 Prior to a kick off the ball is said to be in A's possession.  
22 Any ball striking an official is considered a live ball.  
23 Any kicked ball striking the goal post assembly is dead.  
24 A forward pass hitting the downs box marker is live.  
25 Is it possible for a player kneeling on the ground to rise and legally advance the ball?  
26 When a ball carrier steps out of bounds on 2nd down, it shall belong to his team at the point where his foot touched or crossed the sideline.  
27 If a player kicks the ball out of bounds in his own end zone it will result in 1 or 2 points without exception.  
28 Excessive grease or adhesive material results in immediate removal from the game and a 5 yard penalty.  
29 Multiple illegal equipment violations on the same play carry multiple 5 yard  
30 Continued illegal equipment violations by an individual may be penalized as objectionable conduct  
31 The maximum cleat length is one-half inch.  
32 Soft knee pads must be covered by the pants.  
33 A15 enters the game, talks to the flanker and then leaves the field.  Is this legal?  
34 There are no restrictions on who may legally be in the Team's bench area.  
35 Sideline conferences are not permitted during time outs for injury.  
36 An injured player need not leave the game if the team uses a time out.  
37 Referees should always give preliminary signals when fouls are called.  
38 Only one timing device should be used regardless of the number of timers.  
39 If a play terminates and the flag is still raised, another play shall take place without exception.  
40 After a convert attempt either A or B will always kick off from their own 45 yard line.  
41 After a successful field goal, the scoring team may scrimmage from their own 45.  
42 On a field goal attempt, the ball is alive until it touches a player or the field of play.  
43 A ball kicked into the end zone cannot result in a safety touch.  
44 On a  convert attempt, the ball must be place-kicked to be legal.  
45 Dual penalties (if accepted) on a convert, result in a repeated attempt without exception.  
46 The close line play area covers a total distance of 3 yards.  
47 A quarterback, under the centre is considered to be in the backfield.  
48 The centre must be facing the opponents goal line to legally snap the ball.  
49 Ineligible receivers may wear any number except 1 to 39 or 70 to 99.  
50 On any play from scrimmage a maximum of 2 players on the line may be moving laterally at the snap of the ball.  
51 The offensive end may be moving  laterally at the snap regardless of his stance.  
52 Team A may have the ball moved if scrimmaging inside the A5 yard line only with B's permission.  
53 On any play from scrimmage, Team A players may interfere with Team B players at any time from deadline to deadline.  
54 A touchdown cannot be awarded as a result of ball rotation.  
55 Players may lock or hold hands in making a block.  
56 A legal drop kick must touch the ground before it is kicked.  
57 A kick off striking the goal post in flight results in a re-kick.  
58 A kick off striking the goal post in flight has no penalty options.  
59 A player holding the ball on a kick off is always considered to be offside.  
60 On a kick off all contact must be above the waist (except on the ball carrier.  
61 There are 3 options on a kick off going out of bounds without being touched.  
62 On kick offs regulation and non-regulation end zones are ruled differently.   
63 Pyramiding applies only to converts and field goals.  
64 The centre of the restraining zone is the receiving player.  
65 A dribbled ball over the line of scrimmage into a maze of players should be whistled dead.  
66 A short kick into the end zone is not whistle dead.  
67 The position of the ball on punt determines whether or not the foul occurred in the end zone.  
68 A scrimmage kick from the end zone, not leaving the end zone, shall not be whistled dead.  
69 A receiver feinting to pick up a motionless ball can be tackled without penalty.  
70 A kicked ball striking the kicking team's goalpost assembly remains in play.  
71 U.R. on the kicker can be applied P.P., P.B.D. or P.L.S.  
72 Contacting the kicker is applied at P.P. or P.L.S.  
73 The kicker cannot be interfered with behind the neutral zone until the receiving team catches the ball.  
74 If the point of application of the penalty is the end zone, the penalty is applied at the B10.  
75 If the kicker recovers the kick, blocking below the waist is legal.  
76 A lineman cannot legally receive a hand off pass.  
77 A hand off pass forward behind the line of scrimmage, following a forward pass, is illegal.  
78 Any player may recover or receive an onside pass subject to penalty.  
79 A ball fumbled forward by a ball carrier may be legally recovered by any player.  
80 An offside pass touched by an opponent may be legally recovered by any player.  
81 On a pass play Team A is deemed to be in possession until the ball is thrown.  
82 The penalty for a second forward pass on a convert attempt is L10 D.R.  
83 A pass striking an ineligible receiver on the line who makes no effort to catch it is ruled incomplete.  
84 Deliberate grounding from the end zone on third down is L10 D.R.  
85 After the ball has been touched by an eligible receiver, players of either team may interfere legally.  
86 A ball fumbled forward  by A into team B end zone, which is recovered by B, shall be ruled as an incomplete pass  
87 The direction the ball travels differentiates between a fumble and an incomplete pass.  
88 Use of the arms to encircle an opponent is considered holding.  
89 AIntentional@ is a key to calling tripping.  
90 Piling on is always a dead ball foul.  
91 Crack back blocking can be called anywhere on the field.  
92 Players are expected to avoid contacting or running into officials at all times.  
93 Objectionable conduct is an additive foul.  
94 A disqualified player or bench occupant may be banished  from the game site.  
95 The penalty for a Team A foul on their own 1 yard line on second down is loss of down  
96 Pass interference behind the line of scrimmage must be against the player to whom the ball is thrown or who is attempting to catch it.  
97 Holding and U.R. both by Team A on a convert attempt must both be applied at the same point.  
98 A punt out of bounds breaks the continuity of downs.  
99 Piling on by Team A and offside by Team B if both accepted, creates a dual foul situation.  
100 Dead ball fouls are applied P.L.S. or P.B.D.