1 Is it legal to use wooden shafts at the intersection of the deadline and the end zone sidelines ?  No
2 Goal post padding may be eliminated if both coaches agree.  No
3 Time is stopped throughout any convert attempt.  Yes
4 On any foul "both captains are entitled to an explanation  Yes
5 An offside pass is not a foul  Yes
6 A2 catches a forward pass in bounds then steps O.B.  The H.L. signals the pass complete then signals time out.  Is this correct mechanic?  No
7 A punted ball in flight belongs to "A" until touched by "B"  No
8 Anytime a ball hits the ground on a scrimmage play, it is dead.  No
9 The ball touching an official never causes it to be dead.  No
10 An inadvertent whistle on an offside pass situation could result in a repeated down.  No
11 An inadvertent whistle on a return kick from the end zone which hits the goal post in flight results in the entire play being repeated without option.  Yes
12 An inadvertent whistle on a 2 point conversion attempt has 2 options.  No
13 B2 intercepts a pass in his end zone, fumbles and kicks the ball out-of-bounds in the end zone.  Are points possible?  No
14 If any part of the ball is touching the goal line, the ball is ruled as being in the end zone, without exception.  Yes
15 There is no yardage penalty for wearing adhesive substances.  Yes
16 Not "having" and not "wearing" a mouth guard are penalized in the same manner.  No
17 A punter enters the game without hip pads and a lineman has no mouth guard.  The penalty is 10 yards or option.  No
18 A75 scores a touchdown, he/she is not listed on the score sheet.  Does the score count?  Yes
19 If there is a substitution by team "A" all players must enter the huddle on the subsequent play.  No
20 Coaches, not officials, are responsible for fielding the correct number of players.  Yes
21 A1 fumbles the ball, B1 touches it, and A2 and B2 gain possesion simultaneously.  Possession goes to team A.  Yes 
22 After an "A" punt, the ball bounces off the B.U. down field.  Is the ball dead?  No
23 A1 kicks from the A45.  A2 leaps in the air and bats the ball out-of-bounds.  The H.L. signals possession to  "A".  Is he correct?  Yes
24 In question 23 - no time should have elapsed on this play.  No
25 Punt receiver B1 catches the ball, stumbles, touches his right knee to the ground, rises and advances the ball.  Is this legal.  No
26 Teams should not be allowed to kick off unless both teams have 12 players on the field.  Yes
27 Team "A" attempts a field goal from the B40.  Team "A" scores a rouge.  May "B" scrimmage from the B40?  Yes
28 A1 fumbles the ball.  B1 recovers it then B2 blocks A2 below the waist.  Is this legal?   No
29 B1 grabs A42 by the sweater to pull him out of the way of B2, as B2 gets through the line.  Is this legal.  No
30 B1 pushes B2 into guard A52 to open the way for  B3 to get through the line.  Is this legal?  Yes
31 A1 punts and legally recovers the punt.  A2 blocks B2 below the waist.  Is this legal?  No
32 B1 receives a kick off.  B2 crosses in front of B1 and B1 hands the ball ahead to him.  Is this legal?  No
33 A1 fumbles the ball from the A26 to the A30.  A2 comes from the A24 to recover it.  Is this legal?  Yes
34 A1 throws a forward pass.  B1 bats the ball directly back to A1 who the n throws a complete pass to A17.  Is this legal?   No
35 A1 kicks off from A45.  A2 recovers the ball without a "B" player touching it at the A50 and is downed on B45.  May "B" take possession at the A50?   Yes
36 B1 attempts to tackle A1, misses and slides out-of-bounds.  May B1 return and participate in the play?  Yes
37 On a measurement where a clip is used, the H.L. should take the spot of the front stick.  Yes
38 A1 fumbles the ball in the "A" end zone.  B1 touches the ball and it goes out-of-bounds in the end zone.  Has a score been made?  Yes
39 B2 enters the game wearing cut-off pants and no knee pads.  Should he be removed from the game immediately?  Yes
40 On a measure, the clip is placed on the front of the back line.  No
41  When a kick off goes out-of-bounds without being touched, the receiving team has two options.  No
42  The Back Umpire and the Referee share responsibilities for the time count violations.   No
43  All penalties on converts may be applied on the subsequent kick-off.  No
44  After a Rouge, "B" may scrimmage anywhere within the hash mark without exception.  No
45  A player may play any position wearing any number provided he/she follows the correct reporting procedures.   Yes
46  At the snap of the ball, all players on the line of scrimmage must be stationary.  No
47  Misleading tactics do not apply to quarterbacks.  No
48  The close line play is 2 yards either side of the line of scrimmage, extending sideline to sideline.   No
49  On a punt play, no blocking is permitted below the waist anywhere or anytime.  No
50  Any high/low block combinations are interpreted as delayed knee block.  No
51  B1 is rushing kicker A1.  A2 blocks B1 into A1 while A1 is in the act of kicking.  Should B1 be called for Unnecessary roughness?  No
52  A1 throws a forward pass which is tipped by B1 before it crosses the line of scrimmage.  Guard A52 catches the ball.  Is this legal?  No
53  In blocking the arms may be fully extended.  Yes
54  A kicked ball which bounces and hits the goalpost is live.  Yes
55  Is a drop kick legal on a kick off?  No
56  No yards cannot be called prior to "B" touching the ball.  No
57  On double fouls, both fouls are always applied if accepted.  No
58  The Referee is responsible for deciding whether bleeding has been dealt with sufficiently to allow the player to return.  No
59  B43 is winded.  The "B" captain requested a 2-minute time-out.  The Referee agrees.  No
60  The sounding of the horn and the throwing of the flag shall indicate an infraction.  No
61  When dual fouls occur on a convert, the convert is repeated.  Yes
62  The Head, arms and hands of the Centre may be in advance of the line of scrimmage.  Yes
63  Time is stopped throughout the convert attempt.  Yes
64  Tripping shall be ruled as U.R.  No
65  In-flight fouls on a kick off are applied at point of possession.   Yes
66  Improperly numbered players must report to the Referee before every play.  Yes
67  Can an objectionable conduct penalty be assessed on a player who continually refuses to put in his mouth guard.   Yes
68  Any kick crossing the line of scrimmage is not a blocked kick.  Yes
69  Any kick traveling less than 15 yards shall be blown dead immediately.  No
70  A quick kick is dependent on the down on which it occurred.  No
71  If Team "A" substitutes, all players must return to the huddle.  No
72  Team "A" cannot have the ball moved without the approval of team "B".  No
73  A1 punts the ball directly out-of-bounds in flight.  The H.L. is responsible for establishing the out-of-bounds spot.  No
74  A1 punts with A1 onside.  A2 is blocked before he reaches the line of scrimmage.  Is this legal?  Yes
75  If a specific player is called for Rough Play is disqualification mandatory?  Yes
76  Is it possible to call spearing before or after the whistle?  Yes
77  Dead ball fouls are always applied (if accepted) at P.B.D.  Yes
78  On dual fouls the first non-offending team always has choice of point of application.  No
79  If U.R. and holding are called on Team "A" on a convert attempt both must be applied at the same point of application if accepted  Yes
80  When the ball touches an opponent all offside players are put onside.  Yes
81  If "A" dribbles the ball over the line of scrimmage, the continuity of downs is broken.  No
82  Spiking is not considered objectionable conduct.  No
83  The Referee has the authority to remove the disqualified player from the game site.  Yes
84  It is possible for an objectionable conduct penalty to result in an 1D-20 situation.  Yes
85  Objectionable conduct is an additive foul.  Yes
86  Pass interference is not applicable to an uncatchable ball.  Yes
87  Illegal contact with an eligible receiver requires the pass to be thrown.   No
88  Team "A" on the B16 throws a pass.  B3 is called for interference.  The pass goes incomplete.  Referee rules  "A" 1D-10 at B8.  Is he correct.  No
89  Pass interference by Team "B" in a dual foul situation is not an automatic first down.  Yes
90  If A23, B14 and B20 are called for U.R. on the same play, Team "A" will have an automatic first down.  Yes
91  Team "A" 3d-12 at A1 goes offside.  3rd down repeated.  Yes
92  If team "B" commits a foul in the "A" end zone on a play from scrimmage, the penalty if accepted, will be accepted at P.L.5.  Yes
93  It is possible to have 19 eligible receivers on the field at one time.  Yes
94  On broken plays, there are no restrictions on ineligible receivers.  No
95  Blocking from the rear is illegal anywhere on the playing field.  No
96  Defensive players have equal right to the ball as eligible "A" receivers.  Yes
97  A defensive player must not block an eligible receiver even if his position is being challenged.  No
98  A ball fumbled forward by "A" into the "B" end zone which is recovered by "B" shall be ruled as an intercepted pass.  Yes
99  When an official's time out is taken for player injury, that player shall be required to leave the game for at least one play without exception  No
100  It is illegal for 2 players occupying line positions on the same side of Centre to be in motion when the ball is snapped.    Yes