1 The marker at the corner of the sideline and he goal line is out of bounds.  C
2 If a league wishes to establish their own overtime rules, they must provide a written coy of these rules to the game referee.  C
3 A penalty for a late start will only be applied at the start of a game.  I
4 Team A Captain wins the coin toss and elects to take the choice to start the second half.  The Referee grants his request.  Is he correct?   C
5 With 13 minutes remaining in the 2nd period, B1 accepts a penalty for an A offside.  Does the time start on the snap for the next play?  I
6 Any period may end on a foul if the non-offending team elects to decline the penalty.  C
7 If on the last play of a period a touchdown is legally scored and UR or RP is called during the play, the non-offending team have 3 options as to the penalty application.  C
8 If a kick off is legally caught simultaneously by  players of opposite teams, before the ball has been touched by another player after the kick off, it shall be awarded to the kicking team.  I
9 While a punted ball is in flight, it is not considered to be in possession of either team.  C
10 If an inadvertent whistle is blown on a field goal attempt which hits the goal post and rebounds onto the field of play, the inadvertent whistle is disregarded an it is tow Team B-1D on the B10  I
11 If ant part of the ball touches or cross the plane of the goal line, the ball is in the end zone regardless of the direction in which it is traveling.  C
12 When the ball is carried out-of-bounds, it shall belong to the player carrying it out-of-bounds where he stepped out.  I
13 When a ball goes out of bounds, it shall always go to the team causing it to go out of bounds.   I
14 During the last minute of play in the first half, B are called offside before the ball is snapped.  May Team A decline the yardage penalty and have time start when the ball is snapped?  C
15 A1 is called for having adhesive material applied on the leg of his pants.  The Referee removes A1 from the game until it is removed and penalizes Team A 5 yards.  Is he correct?  I
16 Punter A1 enters the game wearing 7 cleated shoes, punts, and leaves the field without participating in any other plays.  Is this action legal?  C
17 A3 scores a touchdown.  The referee is informed that A3 is not listed on the scoresheet.  The Referee allows the score and penalizes Team A 10 yards on the kick off.  Is he correct?  I
18 Team A breaks their huddle with only 11 players on the field. The Headlinesman allows A4 to enter the game since A are short one player.  Is he correct?  I
19 When a substitute enters the game and communicates with another team A player, he must remain in for the next play.  C
20 The team bench area extends 10 yards laterally beyond each end of the team bench.  I
21 All players are permitted to go to the sideline during a team time-out.  C
22 The Referee, with the agreement of both coaches, may start the game with no padding on the goal posts.  I
23 The Headlinesman is responsible for checking the yardage applied on all penalties.  C
24 Captains of both teams should be notified when 3 minutes remain in the half time interval.  C
25 A touchdown has been scored when either the ball or the player in possession of the ball touches or crosses the plane of the goal line.  I
26 A ball striking the ground and then bouncing over the crossbar on an attempted field goal is good.  I
27 After a safety touch, the team scored against must kick off from its own 35 yard line without option.  I
28 Once the quarterback has assumed his stance, he may be permitted to withdraw his hands in order to call a time out without penalty.  C
29 On a scrimmage play B2 breaks the line of scrimmage, without contact but is able to regain his onside position prior to the snap of the ball.  The Referee rules the play legal.  Is he correct?   I
30 Team A are scrimmaging directly in front of their goal posts on the 3 yard line.  A2 asks to have the ball moved to the near hash mark.  The B Captain objects and the Referee refuses A's request.  I
31 In retreat blocking, the blocker may pursue his opponent provided that he does not cross the line of scrimmage.  C
32 A2 has made contact with B1 on his right side just at his number when A3 makes contact with B1 at the same height from the other side.  Is this a legal situation.
33 A retreat block is only legal on pass plays.  I
34 Team B players may legally grasp or hold a player in order to get to the ball carrier.  I
35 When measuring for first downs care must be taken to make sure that the ball is not moved or rotated prior to measurement.  I
36 Team A come out of the huddle  in a running formation with A53 and A64 in the backfield and A53 carries off tackle.  Is this a legal play?  C
37 Team A Lineman on a convert attempt, lock arms to help protect the kicker.  The Umpire calls holding.  C
38 A55 is pass blocking, while retreating behind the P.L.S. and extends his arms to push bach rusher B22 with open hands.  C
39 Immediately prior to the snap of the ball, guard A53 dips, and drives his head forward at the snap of the ball.  The Headlinesman calls procedure on Team A.  Is he correct?  C
40 On third down Team A Line up in a regular formation.  The ball is snapped to A2 in a halfbacks position who punts the ball.  Is this ruled as a quick kick.  C
41 Team A kick off, A3 knocks the ball out of bounds at the A54.  Team B Captain elects to take the ball the A54.  Team B Captain elects to take the ball on the A54.  The Referee grants his request.  Is he correct?  C
42 Team A kick off. while the ball is in flight A3 blocks B3 below the waist.  Possession is gained in the end zone by B and the ball goes dead in B's end zone.  The Referee rules no point B-1D-B20.  Is he correct ?  C
43 B1 receives a KO.  B2 crosses  in front of B1 on a criss-cross pattern and B1 hands B2 the ball.  Is this a legal hand-off pass?  I
44 B1 blocks an attempted field goal, A3 recovers the ball and is advancing it when A4 blocks B2.  C
45 below the waist.  The Headlinesman does not signal a foul.  Is he correct.  I
46 On the last play of the half, Team A punts.  The punt is short and falls into a group of players.  The Umpire whistles the play dead, asseses no yardage penalty, and ends the half.  Is he correct?  I
47 If A are called for no yards in the B end zone,  B shall be awarded 1D-B10.  I
48 A3 punts and B1 blocks him behind the line of scrimmage before the ball is caught.  The Referee gives A the option of applying the penalty at PLS or PP.  Is he correct.  I
49 In attempting to block a convert, B1 leaps from the backs of  B2 and B3 at the line of scrimmage.  The Umpire signals a foul.  Is he correct.  C
50 Is an offside pass a foul?  I
51 Can eligible receiver A3 legally advance a ball caught after being deflected in an offside direction by eligible receiver A2?   C
52 Can a ball fumbled forward by a player attempting to intercept a lateral be legally recovered by any player?  C
53 A2 throws the ball in an offside direction.  A3 recovers it and continues to advance.  The official allows the play to stand.  Is he correct?  I
54 Any player on Team A who is behind the line of scrimmage can legally throw a forward pass.  C
55 A73 is occupying an interior line position.  A1 completes a pass to A4.  The Referee allows the play to stand but warns A73 he cannot occupy this position on a scrimmage play again without a penalty.  Is he correct?  I
56 Team A 1D-10 attempts a forward pass.  A3 is called for offensive pass interference.  Team B accepts the penalty.  It is now 2D-25-A25.  I
57 Team A throw a forward pass.  The ball is way over the head of A2, B1 interferes with A2.  The Back Umpire calls remote area interference.  Is he correct?  I
58 The penalty for  a second forward pass on any play is the loss of down or option.  I
59  A2 catches a Forward Pass in the air near the sideline.  His left foot comes down first, in bounds - but his right foot comes down next out-of-bounds.  The Headlinesman rules the pass complete.  Is he correct?  C
60 A1 throws a forward pass which is tipped by B1 before it crosses the line of scrimmage.  Tackle A62 catches the ball.  Is this legal?  I
61 A1 throws a forward pass which hits the goal post and is caught by eligible receiver A3 before it hits the ground.  The Back Umpire signals incomplete pass.  Is he correct?  C
62 A1 trapped in his own end zone deliberately throws the ball out-of-bounds.  Does Team B have the option of simply declaring the pass incomplete?  C
63 When Team B intercepts a Forward Pass, may Team B players block below the waist?  I
64 If Team B create a target area interference behind the L.S. Team A is awarded 1D ten yards in advance of  P.L.S.  I
65 Is remote area pass interference possible behind  P.L.S. ?  I
66 If Team B creates a target area interference on an unsuccessful convert attempt by Team A, may Team A repeat the convert P.L.S. ?  I
67 If a running play breaks down and turns into a passing play, so all the forward pass restrictions apply?  C
68 The target area is the intended area of completion of a pass.  Is this a complete definition?  I
69 The expression "TINS" outlines the proper method of reporting penalties.  C
70 The Umpire hears B1 yell "Clip!" , turns and sees A3 lying across the back of B1.  He signals a foul.  Is this correct mechanics?  I
71 Tripping requires both the UR and the tripping signals to be used by the Referee.  I
72 The close line play area is defined as from offensive tackle to offensive tackle, two yards either side of the L.S.  C
73 Piling on can occur prior to the Official's whistle, where the ball is clearly dead.  C
74 Only the kicker, not the holder is protected on a field goal situation.  I
75 If a play contacts the mask of an opponent in any manner with his hand or hands, face masking should be called.  I
76 Team A has gained first down.  The Referee has whistled time in and Team A are called for objectionable conduct.  The ball is moved back ten yards and the sticks are also moved back.  Is this correct?  I
77 On all fouls there is always an option unless officially stated otherwise.  C
78 Team a 2D-3 at A40 gain 7 yards,  B 54 is called for holding at A 45.  May Team A take 1D-10 at mid field?  C
79 Does illegal interference on a looses ball automatically give the non-offending team possession of the ball?  I
80 Team A 1D-10 on A1 - Team A is called for holding.  The Referee rules A's ball 2D-10.  Is he correct?  C
81 Team B make an offside pass after intercepting a pass in their own end zone.  The ball goes dead on the B4 yard line.  The Referee gives A the option of  (1 point B1D-10 B35 ) or (no point  B1D-10, B4).  Is he correct?  I
82 Without exception, if B is guilty of U.R. or R.P. Team A are awarded a first down.  I
83 When Team B commit a pass interference on a convert attempt by "A"  which is unsuccessful, "A" has the option of repeating the attempt from the B1 regardless of where the previous P.L.S. was.  C
84 A restraining  zone foul is an "in flight" foul when is occurs in a dual foul situation.  C
85 Team a 1D-10 A30 throw a Forward Pass.  A3 is call for holding, B2 is called for pass interference at the A43.  Both penalties are accepted.  The Referee balances the fouls and repeats the play A-1D-10, A30.  Is he correct?  C
86 Team A are called for tripping and blocking from the rear.  The Referee gives Team B the option of accepting either penalty, not both.  Is he correct?  C
87 Team A #d-8 on the A40 have a kick blocked by B1.  B2 dribbles the ball downfield.  A2 falls on the ball on the A5 yard line.  The Referee signals A-1D-10 on the A5.  Is he correct?  C
88 Team A 3D-18 on the A20 punt.  The punt is shanked and legally recovered by kicker A2 on the A22 without B having touched the ball.  The Referee rules since yards have not been gained B-1D-10 on the A22.  Is he correct?  C
89 Team A kick off with a strong wind behind them.  The ball goes out-of bounds in flight in the end zone.  The Referee rules no point B-1D-10 at the B10.  Is he correct?  C
90 Team A 2D on A40.  B52 is offside, A1 scrambles, crosses the LS and throws a pass complete to A3 who is downed on the A53.  Both penalties are accepted.  The Referee rules Team A 2D-13 on A35.  Is he correct?   C
91 Following a Rouge, Team B request the ball  be placed on the right hash mark at the B35. The Referee refuses and places the ball at mid-field on the B35.  Is he correct?  I
92 Crack back blocking is illegal in the area from A's dead ball line to 10 yards in advance of P.L.S. extending sideline to sideline.  I
93 Wish bone goal posts must not be further than 75 inches from the goal line.  C
94 Team A give up a safety touch, and Team B elect to scrimmage from their own 35 yard line.  The Referee grants their request.  Is he correct?  C
95 Disqualified A1, on the team bench becomes very vocal about the officiating.  The Referee sends him to his dressing room.  Is this action by the Referee legal?  C
96 B1 is rushing the kicker A1.  A2 blocks B1 into A1 while A1 is in the act of kicking.  Should B1 be called for a foul against A1?  I
97 Team A1 throw A FP from the B19.  B2 is called for pass interference on the B2 yard line.  The Referee rules  A-1D on the B 9 and a half .  Is he correct?   I
98 If a passer is contacted after his arm has started forward, but before the ball has left his hand, and the ball goes loose, is this ruled as a fumble?  I
99 A2 catches A FP inbounds and then steps out-of-bounds.  The Headlinesman signals the pass complete and then signals the clock to stop.  Is this correct?  I
100 B1 receives a punt in the end zone.  A2 holds blocker B2 at the B3 yard line with the ball in the end zone, to allow A3 to reach B1.  The play goes dead at the B3 yard line.  May "B" take a first D at the B10?  I