1 Sidelines, end zone sidelines and deadlines are all considered to be out of bounds.
2 25 and 45 yard lines must be double lines.  F
3 Pylons at the intersection of goal lines and sidelines can be of any colour.  F
4 If the length of a field is decreased by a running track, the edge of the track shall be the boundary.  F
5 The suitability of the game ball is the referee's decision.  T
6 The choice at the start of the game is decided by a coin toss, without exception.  F
7 The penalty for a team appearing to start a game late is 5 yards.  F
8 Overtime procedures are a prerogative of the league, not the coaches.   T
9 Any variations in overtime procedures must be communicated verbally to the officials at the start of the game .  F
10 Once a penalty option has been chosen, it is not to be changed.  T
11 Once the choice of a kick off has been conveyed to the opposition, it cannot be changed.   T
12 Time starts at the snap following all accepted penalties.  T
13 Time stops automatically on all successful scores.   T
14 Time is always waved in when the ball is ready for play following a declined penalty.  T
15 The clock is held until the snap following a team time out only in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters.  F
16 Only the referee can stop the clock for a team time out.   T
17 A request for a team time out can come from any player on the field.  T
18 Team "A" may request a second stoppage for crowd noise and return to its huddle.  F
19 A time count violation may be applied on the convert repeated only.  T
20 On a touchdown, Team "A" is called for objectionable conduct.  This was the last play of the half.  Can team "B" request that "A" kick off prior to half-time.  No
21 To have possession, either an arm or a leg must be on the ball. F
22 If simultaneous possession on a play from scrimmage occurs, it shall belong to the team last touching it.  F
23 On a pass play, Team "A" loses possession as soon as the ball is in the air.  F
24 On a punt neither team is deemed to have possession while the ball is in flight.  T
25 Can an "A" player have possession of the ball while still kneeling, and the ball still be in play.  Yes
26 A time out related to bleeding will always be 2 minutes in length.  F
27 Any punt striking the goal post shall be whistled dead immediately.  F
28 Can a player receiving a snap from centre touch a knee to the ground in an attempt to catch the ball.  Yes
29 An inadvertent whistle on a punt from the field of play which hits an opponent's goal post in flight is disregarded.  F
30 An inadvertent whistle, while the ball is in the air, on a return kick from the end zone results in the play being repeated at the PLS DR.  T
31 Fouls occurring on inadvertent whistles are disregarded.  F
32 A ball touching an official who is out of bounds is a dead ball.  T
33 Ball carrier A22 is in bounds but touches A37 who is out of bounds.  The play should be whistled dead.  F
34 When a ball is kicked out of bounds, it shall belong to the opposition without exception.  F
35 A ball thrown out of bounds on a forward pass may or may not remain in the passing team's possession.  T
36 If team "B" recovers a team "A" fumble  in "B's" end zone and fails to advance it, it shall be ruled B-1D-10 B10.  T
37 Does the ruling in question 36 also apply to a blocked kick situation?  Yes
38 If a player fumbles the ball in his end zone to out of bounds in the end zone, 1 or 2 points shall be awarded as appropriate without exception.  F
39 Not properly wearing a mouth guard the second time is a five yard additive penalty.  T
40 The maximum legal cleat length is 3/4 inch.  F
41  During an official time out a sideline conference between players and coaches is legal.  T
42 If time is stopped for a player injury, that player must leave the game for one play, without exception.  F
43 A kick off is always a place kick.  T
44 The ball must be kicked into the opponent's end zone to score a rouge.  T
45 On a kick off, if the receiving team legally advances the ball out of the end zone, it is guaranteed the twenty yard line.  F
46 No convert attempt may be made from within the one-yard line.  T
47 Dual penalties on a convert, if accepted, are adjusted at P.L.S. and the convert repeated.  T
48 Can the centre line up facing the quarterback to snap the ball?  No
49 All players on both teams are subject to misleading tactics fouls.  T
50 Team A must wait until Team B is onside before putting the ball into play.  F
51 If a B player breaks the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball, he cannot legally get back onside.  T
52 A time count violation in the last 3 minutes is always a loss of down.  T
53 "00" is a legal eligible receiver's number.  F
54 Any numbered player can play any given position subject to his reporting to the referee if necessary.  T
55 Ineligible receivers (all 5) cannot have eligible receivers between them.  T
56 Players occupying positions on each end of the line of scrimmage may be in motion laterally at the snap of the ball.  T
57 After any score (except a touchdown) the team scored against may scrimmage the ball anywhere between the hash marks at the appropriate line.  F
58 If blocking is restricted to at or above the waist, it applies to all players on the field.  T
59 The point of contact of the first block determines if the second block is a delayed knee block.  T
60 On a punt, all blocking must be at or above the waist throughout the entire play.  F
61 After any change of possession the referee shall reverse the ball prior to the next play.  T
62 Holding or locking of arms in an effort to break up interference is illegal.  T
63 A ball accidentally striking a player's foot hile he is attempting to gain possession shall be ruled as a fumble.  T
64 Is a quick kick possible on third down?  T
65 To be a dribbled ball it must be kicked when it is loose and not in possession of a player.  T
66 Any punted ball which crosses the line of scrimmage cannot be ruled as a blocked kick.  T
67 If Team "A" recovers a blocked kick, all blocking must be at or above the waist.  F
68 Pyramiding applies to both converts and punts.  T
69 No yards in your opponents end zone always goes to B on the B10.  T
70 A short kick dropping into the end zone shall not be whistled dead.  T
71 On a punt, the position of the player when he first touches the ball determines whether the no yards occurred in the end zone.  F
72 The kicker may legally block the receiver to allow an onside A player to recover the ball.
73 Kicker A6 punts, the ball hits his goal post in flight without being touched.  Should the ball be whistled dead. No 
74 Illegal interference by B while the ball is in flight is applied at the point of possession.
75 On a punt, the kicker shall not be interfered with.  F
76 If the kicker legally recovers his own kick, blocking is restricted to at or above the waist.  T
77 A lateral pass going out of bounds without being touched shall remain with the team last in possession without exception.
78 On a pass play A76 tips the ball in an offside direction.
79 An offside pass may be recovered by an opponent.  T
80 A ball thrown in an offside direction (except a legal forward pass) cannot be legally recovered by the throwing team.  F
81 An offside pass striking an opponent may be legally recovered by any player.  T
82 A second forward pass on any play is illegal and results on loss of down. F
83 On a pass play, ineligible receivers cannot be down field prior to the ball being thrown.  T
84 A pass caught simultaneously by A and B players.  The ball shall be awarded to Team A.  T
85 A pass hit ineligible A43 on the line who makes no attempt to catch the ball.  Rule as an incomplete pass. T
86 Pass interference can only occur if the ball is catchable.  T
87 Tripping is considered unnecessary roughness.  F
88 Piling on is always considered a dead ball foul.
89 Only the kicker is protected on a field goal attempt.  F
90 The head or helmet must be the primary point of force to call spearing.
91 The ball carrier cannot be called for butt blocking.  F
92 Failure to wear mandatory equipment is an additive foul.  F
93 Any foul applied inside Team B eight yard line shall be half the distance to the goal line.  T
94 All dual fouls, if accepted, shall be adjusted at the appropriate spot relative to the first foul.
95 In a dual penalty situation, no yards is an "in-flight" foul.  F
96 If a double foul occurs on a convert, both must be applied at the same spot.  T
97 A player is offside if the ball has last been touched by one of his teammates behind him  F
98 Interference should not be called for any contact resulting from a bona fide attempt to recover the ball.   T
99 Continity of downs is broken when "A" dribbles the ball over the line of scrimmage.  F
100 A punted ball striking an opponent's goal post in flight on a play from scrimmage breaks the continuity of downs.  T