Canadian Rule Book for Amateur Tackle Football
Summary of Abbreviations

AR Approved Rulings
1,2 D First and Second Down
3D Third Down
Team A Team Putting Ball Into Play
Team B Opponents of Team A
DR Down Repeated
LB Loss of Ball
L5 Loss of 5 Yards
L10 Loss of 10 Yards
L15 Loss of 15 Yards
L25 Loss of 25 Yards
LD Loss of Down
LS Line of Scrimmage
PLS Point of Last Scrimmage
KOL Kick Off line
OP Option Provided
PBD Point Ball Dead
PBH Point Ball Held
PF Point of Foul
POP Point Of Origin of Pass
DG Distance Gained (or goal line reached) (yards)
DNG Distance Not Gained (yards)
NTIP Neither Team In Possession
KR Kick Repeated
UR Unnecessary Roughness
RP Rough Play
PP Point Of Possesion