Adopted April 19, 2008

Hosting Policy for Football New Brunswick  


Athletes in the sport of football undertake a tremendous level of effort and dedication to achieve excellence in competition. As the provincial governing body for the sport, Football New Brunswick is responsible for establishing standards for hosting the New Brunswick Semi-Finals, Provincial Championships, Maritime Championship and Invitational Championships.  

Therefore, all organizations and persons involved in hosting or conducting these provincial events are required to conform to the stipulations of the Hosting Policies.  

Suggestions for corrections or changes to this document should be sent to:

Football New Brunswick .


Hosting Policy  


1.1     Purpose

The purpose of this document is to state the Hosting Policy of Football New Brunswick ( Football NB ) during provincially hosted events.  

1.2     Application Of This Policy

This Policy shall apply fully to the hosting of Football NB events, unless otherwise authorized by Football NB. When an Association or Club bids to host an event to which this Policy applies, the Club or Association agrees to abide by this Policy.  

1.3     Rules

The Canadian Amateur Football Rules Event and Competition Rules are in force during the event in question and will apply fully for all aspects of the event unless otherwise stipulated in this Policy. In cases where no specific rule exists for a situation and it is not covered in this Policy, the principle or the intent of the Canadian Amateur Football Rules will be used to determine the resolution of the situation.  

1.4     Intent And Nature Of Events

The Football NB events are intended and designed to provide a provincial competitive forum to determine the overall winners in each competition age class.  

1.5     Sanctioning Of Events

The Semi Finals, Provincial Championship and Invitational Tournament is under the jurisdiction and control of Football NB and, therefore, no other event or competition held in New Brunswick may be titled Football New Brunswick Championship, or any variation of that name, may use the title sponsors name, unless it has been sanctioned by Football NB.  Currently, the title sponsor of the New Brunswick Championship is _____________ .  

1.6     Eligibility To Host

Any Association in good standing with Football New Brunswick is eligible to host an event.  Semi finals and Provincial Championships will be appointed during the AGM. Host and conditions for hosting are stipulated later in this Policy.  

1.7     Event Frequency And Time Frame

Provincial Semi-Final, Provincial Championship events shall be held each season, during November. The specific dates shall be set by Football NB in consultation with the organizers. Confirmed dates for the Provincial semi finals, provincial Championships or Invitational event will be announced by Football NB following the AGM (usually in early April) and communicated to the Local Organizing Committees (LOCs).  

2.0     Agreements

Upon approval by the Board of Football NB, the application to host an event becomes the agreement by which the host Association will conduct the event according to this Policy and on the dates mutually agreed upon between Football NB and the Association.  


3.1            Invitational events

This document must be submitted to Football NB at least 6 months prior to the event. Upon receipt, it shall be e-mailed to each club and zone representative and posted to the Football NB website. Invitations must include the following information:

a.       Event name, dates, location and host club

b.      Types, dates and timings of competitions

c.       Location of competition site (including a map)

d.      Stadium plan,  if available

e.       On-line Registration information and entry fees

f.        Travel information (with a map if necessary)

g.       Available accommodations and costs

h.       Restaurant or meal information

i.         List of the LOC with contact information

j.        Other necessary or special information  

3.2     Competitor Eligibility

Any member in good standing of Football Canada or their Provincial Sport Body may participate in an Invitational event if they have a valid membership. The team manager must be prepared to show their membership for the current year in order to obtain eligibility if questions should arise.  

3.2            Registrations

All registrations of rosters will be completed on-line through the Football NB website. Football NB will enter the data into a registration file which will be e-mailed to the designated Chief of Competition.  

3.4     Entry Fees

Entry fees if required will be based upon the host Association decision for Invitational events only Provincial and Maritime Championship will have no event fees.  

3.5     Cancellation or Postponement of Events

If it appears that an event will need to be cancelled or postponed due to prevailing conditions (typically snow or severely cold temperatures), organizers shall inform Football NB of the need to do so by 4 pm , 1 day prior to the event. Football NB will publicize the cancellation by the end of that working day. Should weather conditions change suddenly (e.g. major snow storm or precipitous drop in temperature), events may be cancelled or postponed as late as Saturday morning (or the day of the event). Every effort will be made to reschedule the event for a later date.  

When events are cancelled and cannot be rescheduled, at the same site an alternate location shall be proposed.  


4.1     Classes Of Competitors

The classes of competitors cover by Football NB are currently Peewee and Bantam in future years the Mosquito (Atom) class may enter into provincial events.  


Unless otherwise authorized by Football NB , the hosting organization must meet the following competition requirements.  

5.1     Organization

The Local Organizing Committee should be set up in general conformity with Minor Football Rules and must have sufficient numbers of members to conduct the event in an efficient and orderly manner. Approximately 10-15 volunteers will be required for a provincial championship event.  

5.2            Officials  

The event will be officiated by five game officials and three spare that will act as the stick crew.  

Football NB will provide a TD to oversee the event IF a local TD is not available. The LOC will be required to discuss the organizational set up of the event with the TD prior to the the event. (Note; the TD can be the President of Football NB , VP or Association President)  

5.3     MEDIA

 An appointed media relation person should contact local television stations, radio stations and newspapers for event coverage.  Pre and post event interviews should be arranged with both teams.  An event game brochure be produced with player names, numbers position and weights, coaches and manager should also be listed. An example is attached.  

5.4     Competition Facility

The competition facility for Football NB events should conform as much as possible to Canadian Amateur Football Rules. The following requirements are the minimum acceptable standards:  


The field must be Canadian Football League regulation field size.  

5.4.2 Balls

 The footballs for the event will be provided by the host organizing committee for each age class.  A minimum of three game balls should be available for the event.  

5.4.3  Stadium

Well configured for public viewing, a public address system, and a scoreboard are easily accessed by athletes and coaches.  

5.4.4  Timing Systems

Electronic timing system with a Score board is preferred but manual timing systems may be used, in either case there must be a back up system. If stopwatches are used as primary and back up, a minimum of two must be used to maintain competition timing.  

5.4.5  Toilets for Competitors and Team Staffs

At least two (one for men and one for women) indoor or outdoor toilets, within 250 meters of the stadium must be provided.  

5.4.6  Parking

Sufficient space for spectators, coaches, competitors, and volunteers to park vehicles, ideally no more than 500 meters from the stadium site.  

            5.4.7  Canteen

A canteen should be available at the stadium for the general public use and fund raising.  

5.5     Medical

A suitable vehicle must be on the competition site for casualty evacuation. If a competition physician is not available, a first-aid trained person must be designated for that role. Each team should have a trainer available. The organizer must arrange onward evacuation from the stadium to a medical facility by ambulance or designated vehicle. An Emergency Action Plan must be submitted with the application to host (see example in Annex A).  

5.6     Accommodation Requirements

Sufficient accommodation space must be available within a 30-km radius of the competition facility to house all competitors, team staff, and out-of-town officials. Standards must be generally acceptable for cleanliness and services while rates should be as reasonable as possible. Eating facilities, commercial or otherwise, should be available within 1 km of the accommodation.  


6.1.    Results  

The LOC must appoint a media relations volunteer to ensure that results are submitted to local and provincial media outlets on completion of the competition. A short article summarizing the weekend of competition must accompany results. This information must be submitted in a standardized format usable by the media.  

Following the event, results must be sent electronically to Football NB within 24 hours so that they can be posted to the website.  

6.2 Awards And Prizes

Medals shall be provided by Football NB for Provincial Championships, and Tournament event.  Medals must be presented to the first and second place teams in Provincial finals A Banner will be provided for the Provincial Championship team.  The provincial championship trophy will be presented to the winning team and the Finalist trophy to the second place team.  Presentations should occur directly after the fourth Quarter.  

The LOC is expected to affix a sticker or engraving to the back of each medal, printed with the following information:

Age class,

year and


Awards for any other classes and prizes are the sole responsibility of the LOC.  


7.1 Jury Of Appeal

The Jury of Appeal for Championship events will operate according to the Disciplinary Rules with one procedural change - the Jury of Appeal Chair or members will not be considered as prejudiced in case their own team is involved in a case before the Jury. The structure of the Jury of Appeal will be a chaired by the President of Football NB and will include the VP, Past President,  Chief Official .  

7.3 Technical Delegates

A Technical Delegate (TD) will be appointed by Football NB for each event. The TD's task is to assist the organizers and to ensure that the competitions are conducted in accordance with pertinent rules and regulations. Duties of the TD are in accordance with Canadian Football Amateur Football Rules, as applicable and appropriate in New Brunswick . The TD represents Football NB and Football Canada and no other organization or agency. While it is preferable that the TD be from outside the host Association, at the very least the TD must not be part of the LOC.  

7.3.1 TD Inspections

If the host location has not previously conducted a provincial event, such as a Provincial Championship, the LOC is required to bring the designated TD to the competition venue for a site inspection. This visit must occur in a timely fashion to ensure that recommended changes be made prior to the event.  For Clubs with previous hosting experience, the LOC must consult with the TD prior to submission of the formal invitation in order to receive TD approval.  


Funds for events are normally secured from grants, sponsorships, and entry fees. Even if a title sponsor for the series is in place, Associations may seek out additional sponsorships to support their local event.  All costs for conducting a semi final, Provincial Championship event  will be subsidized as outlined in the Football NB annual budget.      Costs for Invitational events must be borne by the organizers. Provincial semi-finals and Provincial Championships will have the following items cover by the PSO:


      Medals for 1st and 2nd place

      Trophy for 1st and 2nd place  


9.1 Amendments  

The Football NB Board of Directors at a duly constituted meeting may amend this Policy.  

9.2 Coming Into Force

This Policy comes into force on 19 April 2008 and at that time supersedes all other existing Football NB policies in this context.

Travel Information:

For information about our city, please check the local tourism website:


Bus service is available through Greyhound ( If you plan to drive, our city can be reached on Highway #xx & #xx. The distance from these major locations is:

            Moncton :                      xxx km Sussex :             xxx km

Fredericton :                  xxx km St Stephen:                   xxx km

            Saint John :                    xxx km Hampton :                     xxx km

            Edmonston:                  xxx km

            Touro:                          xxx km

            Halifax :                         xxx km

            Kentville:                      xxx km       

Air flights can be arranged through the airlines listed below. Please check their websites for schedules and fares.

            Air Canada          

            West Jet               


The following hotels are offering special rates for this event. Ask for the Alberta Cup biathlon rates when booking.

            Best Western Inn..$XX.xx

            ph. (xxx) xxx-xxxx  

            Dew Drop Inn.$XX.xx

            ph. (xxx) xxx-xxxx  


There will be a limited concession available at the competition venue. There is a wide selection of restaurants in the community. For more information, check the tourism website listed under Travel.  

Local Organizing Committee:

Event Chief:                                           

Chief of Timing: 


Media Relations: 

Competition Secretary:   


Emergency Action Plan:

For all emergencies:                                     9-1-1

Event     Chief (                  ):                          cell:  (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Event Medical Officer (                ):               cell:  (xxx) xxx-xxxx


Event Facility:                                           Ph.  (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Algonquin Municipal Park

            123 Park Lane,

            between Chestnut St. and Poplar St.

City, Alberta   XXX XXX


Nearest Hospital:                                      Ph.  (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  General Hospital

            1234 Queen Elizabeth Drive

            City, Moncton   XXX XXX


Charge person (1st option):              xxxxx  xxxxxxx (Medical Doctor)

Charge person (2nd option): xxxxx  xxxxxxx (Nurse)

Charge person (3rd option):             xxx xxxxxxxxx (EMR)


Call person (1st option):                    xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx (cell:  xxx-xxxx)

Call person (2nd option):                   xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (cell:  xxx-xxxx)

Call person (3rd option):                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (cell:  xxx-xxxx)  

Directions to  General Hospital from Rock Stone Field:

Text Box: Queen E. DriveText Box: Chestnut Text Box: Poplar

Roles and Responsibilities:

Charge Person  

     Clear the risk of further harm to the injured person by securing the area and sheltering the injured person from the elements

     Designate the person in charge of the other participants

     Protect yourself (wear gloves if in contact with body fluids such as blood)

     Assess ABCs (check that airway is clear, breathing is present, a pulse is present, and there is no major bleeding)

     Wait by the injured person until EMS arrives and the injured person is transported

     Complete an accident report form  

Call person  

     Call for emergency help

     Provide all necessary information to dispatch (e.g. facility location, nature of injury, what, if any, first aid has been done)

     Clear any traffic from the entrance/access road before ambulance arrives

     Wait by the driveway entrance to the facility to direct the ambulance when it arrives

     Call the emergency contact person listed on the injured persons medical profile